yoga for climbers with ann seibert

Do your hamstrings cramp up in stretchy back-step move? Have your shoulders become so tight that making a reach move actually hurts? Then come to Sunday morning Yin Yoga where the goal is to relax and improve flexibility in the areas that get super tight on climbers: shoulders, chest, back, hips and legs. It’s great for a pre-climbing warm-up or for a chill day. So, if you want to avoid cramping up during that key move, join us for yin yoga and keep sending!

All you need to participate is a membership or gym pass. You do NOT need to register in advance. All levels welcome!

Cost: Free with Membership or Day Pass
Location: Downtown Crag
Open to members and non members.


Sundays 9:30-11 am

did you know?

If you have a full membership at Flagstaff Climbing you can get a combo membership with the Northern Arizona Yoga Center.  NAYC is a full service yoga center just a couple doors up the street from our Downtown Crag and if you get a combo membership you receive 20% off your monthly dues at Flagstaff Climbing and at NAYC.