climbing faq

What should I wear?

Any athletic or loose fitting cloths works great for climbing.

Can anyone climb?

Yes! You don’t need any prior experience or certain level of fitness to have a great time climbing at our Downtown Crag or Main Street Boulders.

Do I need a membership to climb?

No. Day passes are available. A day pass is for the entire day, so you can leave for a while and then come back. Day passes are good at our Downtown Crag and Main Street Boulders so you can visit both locations on the same day with no additional charge.

Anything I should do before my first visit?

For convenience you can sign our waiver online. It will save you time and get you climbing as fast as possible. No time to sign it ahead of time? No worries. You can sign the waiver when you visit the rock gyms to climb. Note: Waiver must be signed by parent or legal guardian for all climbers under 18 years old. Sign our waiver.

What's the difference between bouldering and rope climbing?

Bouldering is a form of rock climbing that only requires climbing shoes. The climbers climbs up a short wall without a rope or harness and then falls or jumps onto crash pads (soft mats) on the ground. The walls are about 12 feet tall at our Downtown Crag location and up to 16 feet at our Main Street Boulders location. We have state-of-the-art crash pads at both locations.

Rope climbing is a form of rock climbing where you climb high enough to need to tie into a rope with a harness and have a belayer (someone to catch you with the rope and lower you). Our Downtown Crag offers rope climbing on walls up to 40 feet high. Our Main Street Boulders location does not have rope climbing. There are two types of rope climbing we offer. You can either top-rope or lead climb. Top-roping is where the rope catches you from above and is by far the easiest to learn and most popular form of rope climbing at the Downtown Crag. In order to top-rope in our gym, you will need someone 12 years old or older to belay you. If they haven't belayed before, they can take a belay lesson anytime we are open. Lead climbing is where the rope catches you from below. Lead climbing is an advanced rock climbing skill. To lead climb in our gym you need everything mentioned above along with your own lead rope. If you haven't lead climb but want to learn, you can take a lead class.

I don't have any climbing equipment. Can I rent it?

Yes! We offer harness, climbing shoes and belay device rentals (everything you need to climb).

When do you offer belay lessons?

Anytime we are open. We will get you started as soon as we can. Average wait time from when you walk in the door to when you start climbing is less than 20 minutes but can be longer during peak climbing times. Generally, climbers need to be 12 years of age or older to take a belay lesson.

How old do I have to be to climb?

Climbers of any age and ability can climb at both of our rock gyms. We have had kids as young as 1 climbing in our gym!  All children under 12 are required to be supervised by an adult. Climbers under 18 years of age need to have a waiver signed by a parent/legal guardian prior to participating. Sign our waiver.

Gear Shop faq

Do you price match?

We do! If you see a deal online or at another gear shop we will most likely match it (unless it is a crazy big discount like 40% off). Thanks for supporting your local climbing gear shop!